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Small group tours in Bulgaria

Special Interest tours

When it comes to organizing a tour, Boiana-MG travel company has always tried to link Bulgaria’s best to the passion of the traveller. Everyone has their interest or hobby but combining it with a new experience in a different country, makes the trip a memorable one. If you like tasting new types of wines, enjoying new cuisine, exploring well-kept traditions, and participating in the process – a tour in a small group with people just like you is the way to do it!

The process of preparing a tour includes each detail – starting from the airport pick-up until the flight back home. Our team of professionals has a solid background in preparing for our tourists each step in a custom way. Our main priority is not only a day-to-day program but also the details, for you to have a well-balanced tour. Feel comfortable and relaxed at the end of the day, after you’ve been charged with the day’s activities, in authentic properties and hotels carefully selected for your small group.

The best highlights in Bulgaria for small groups

Bulgaria covers an area of about 111 000 sq. km. It looks like a compact space but has a lot of possibilities for each season to offer. The attractions are many and include:

  • Nearly 40 mountains and peaks;
  • Long sandy beaches;
  • Over 300 rivers;
  • Healing mineral springs;
  • Cultural heritage remaining from the Prehistoric times up to the Thracian, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman civilizations, each of which has left its mark in Bulgaria;
  • Leader in producing rose and lavender oil and water;
  • 5 different wine-producing regions;
  • Delicious national cuisine.

The Balkan Peninsula is an area with similar historical traditions, and Bulgaria is located in the very heart of it. A key road passing through and connecting the East and the West, combining meanwhile one or more Balkans countries, is often chosen as an option for a small group of travelers. The duration can vary according to the time you can spare – from short tours of 5 days or less up to two weeks long journeys, exploring new horizons not only in one country but combining it also with one or more from the Balkan’s lands.

The advantages of small groups

How often do you travel solo or with a close friend or a family member? If you are reading this, that means that the answer is “often”. Each tour attracts people with similar interests, and it forms an easygoing and friendly environment, not overcrowded and with people just like you. In a small group, it is easier to get to know the sights in-depth, to take part in the activities, to share new adventures, and all this connected by the reason that has brought you all together – your mutual special interests.

The tours can be held in any given language, and so the small group that is formed consists of people with a common language for mutual understanding. Enjoy visiting new places, and rely on the best care for a memorable trip: Bulgaria will give you exactly what you are looking for. With a travel agency to back you up along your journey, and for you not to have care during your stay – this is what makes the small group experience a perfect solution for each travel enthusiast. You only have to decide what is the special thing you want to do, or what is the one you want to try out. Your hobbies and special interests can turn into a good story of how you have met new long-term friends on the road.

The best thematic tours for small groups in Bulgaria

To get the best experience in getting to know the country you are visiting while enjoying new adventures, you have first to know what you are looking for to get out of the tour. Cities with millennial history coexisting with the nowadays modern look, or traditions well-kept throughout the ages – the possibilities are numerous. Here are some interesting and innovative proposals we have selected for you to enjoy to the fullest in a small group:

For everyone who enjoys tasting new food: try the national cuisine while learning how to make some of the signature meals in Bulgaria, like bread, banitsa, Shopska salad, and many more. You can make a great combination with a glass of wine to thrill your taste.

For the ones interested in traditions – get to know the process of making the world-famous Chiprovtsi carpets, or discover the little villages with their authentic architecture, and meet local people for some storytelling.

Some need to relax and have fun, and we can offer different options also in that area. The healing mineral waters in Bulgaria’s best SPA resorts are the ideal place for you. Calmness is every fisherman’s yearning, and experience by a lake or river is very well combined with fresh mountain air. All the golf enthusiasts can enjoy their hobbies in the finest golf courses in the country.

The photo lovers can capture breathtaking scenery, local people, and activities around Bulgaria. Not to forget those, excited about admiring Mother Nature. In a great combination of cultural experience and wildlife watching in its natural environment, you can see birds, bears, or even wolves – count on a good thrill!

The rose and lavender are two of the signature scents of Bulgaria, and you can learn how many cosmetics products are made out of them. Special festivals once a year are held for both of them, and it is a celebration gathering people from all over the world.

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For more than 25 years on the travel scene, Boiana-MG has established itself as a trustworthy travel company for its countless clients and partners from all over the world. We always aim to provide the best quality service and set up long-lasting relationships while presenting the Balkan Peninsula and its jewel – Bulgaria.

We love this corner of the world, and it is visible in our products. While displaying our destination by presenting its diversity, beauty, culture, nature, and welcoming people, your only thing to do is to relax in the company of a small group of friends and keep count of the memories you gather. Our team of professionals is here with the knowledge and desire to do the best to prepare the right fit for you.

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