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Day Trips in Bulgaria

They are the easiest and most affordable way to discover many interesting spots for a short period. This day trip can happen during your beach holiday, ski vacation, business trips, or as a part of your short city break. In all cases, you are welcomed to enrich your stay with incredible experiences by visiting new places and attending different events. Let us know where you are located, what is your time allowance and we will give you the most suitable personalized solution to make your stay memorable.

We know that dealing with many travel arrangements at the same time can be very stressful. That’s why we are here to help. You can take benefit of our 20+ years of experience for private and group travel arrangements in Bulgaria. We will be able to consult you either to book a “seat in coach group tour” and take advantage of the low price or it is better to organize a private tour just for you and your fellow travellers.

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All things to do in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is an extremely diverse country given possibilities for leisure, recreation, travel activities, and sightseeing. At the same time, its territory is small, which means that the sights and museums are located very close to each other, and travelling around the country is nothing else but pleasure.

Day trips are easy and affordable from any location. For example, from Sofia (the capital) to Plovdiv is just a 1h 30 min drive, from Sofia to the Greek border is a bit more than 2 hours, and crossing entire Bulgaria from West to East (Sofia to Burgas) is less than 4 hours drive!

In its small territory, our country has a huge variety of natural, cultural and historical, ethnographical, culinary, and wine attractions. We are proud of the four big mountains spreading through our country – Rila Pirin, Rhodopes, and Stara Planina. They are green in the summer, colorful in the autumn, and white in the winter and they offer travel possibilities in every season. The highest peaks of Pirin Mountain have several micro glaciers, which are considered the southernmost glaciers of the European continent. There are also a lot of picturesque and fertile valleys, big navigable and small rivers, crystal clear lakes, the Black Sea coast, and many mineral water springs. So here you will be able to find anything, except jungle and desert.

Which are the top 14 mandatory destinations?

Boiana-MG Travel Agency offers day trips with guaranteed departures at a very affordable price, from all the major airports – Sofia, Varna, and Burgas.

If you are located elsewhere and you would like to visit your desired destination, we will be glad to help you with the choice and organize a tailor-made program especially for you. The planning and realization of the  day trip will be our concern, and all you have to do is experience and enjoy the journey. Here are some of the mandatory destinations to visit during your stay in Bulgaria.

  1.   Rila Monastery – a UNESCO-listed mountain establishment with history since the X-th century. It is the most popular tour object in Bulgaria and a must-see for any first-time traveller;
  2.   Plovdiv – the oldest city in Europe, still existing today is an excellent place to see the culture from different time periods and nations that have lived there;
  3.   Koprivshitsa – like a time machine with its amazing 19th-century atmosphere and architecture;
  4.   Belogradchik Rocks, which has been nominated for one of the New 7 Wonders of the World;
  5.   Struma Valley and Melnik – the most popular Bulgarian wine region;
  6.   Troyan Monastery and the Village of Oreshak – the symbol of the ceramic art production in the country;
  7.   Karlovo and Kazanlak – the center of Rose Valley and The Valley of Thracian Kings
  8.   Balchik – also called “The White town”. Balchik Palace is housing a magnificent botanical garden right on the seashore;
  9.   Ancient Sozopol and Ropotamo – an amazingly beautiful river with well-preserved flora and fauna;
  10.   Aladja Rock Monastery;
  11.   Varna – the sea capital and one of the most beautiful cities in Bulgaria;
  12.   Burgas – our second largest port on the Black Sea. The city is modern, well arranged, and it is chosen as the best city in the country for quality of living.
  13.   Nessebar – UNESCO listed town, which bears witness to the development of several civilizations. There are more than 40 very well preserved churches from the Middle Ages;
  14.   Istanbul – yes, that’s right, it is possible to visit ancient Constantinople, and nowadays the largest city in Turkey, as a day tour from Burgas.

All these destinations are accessible from 3 major airports in Bulgaria:

Day trips from Sofia

Sofia is the largest airport with big tourists flow, and because of that, it offers a choice of group tours at affordable prices. We have daily guaranteed group departures to Rila Monastery, Plovdiv, and Koprivshtitsa, operating all year round.

Day trips from Varna and Golden Sands

Varna airport is located close to the seashore of Bulgaria and is very busy in the summertime. Although the sea has its charm during every season, group day trips are offered only from June to September. If you are staying at the beach resorts near Varna (Golden Sands, Sunny Day, Riviera, St. Constantine and Elena, Balchik, Albena, etc.), don’t worry, there are pick up points from almost every hotel in this whole area of North Black Sea coast.

Day trips from Burgas and Sunny Beach

Burgas is the biggest airport on the South Black sea coast. This region covers also the resorts Sunny Beach, Nessebar, St. Vlas, Sozopol, Pomorie, etc. There are many natural parks and protected areas with untouched nature, so it deserves to make a day trip in this area!

How to book with Boiana-MG?

Browse the Day Trips on our company website, select your preferred destination and click the “book” button. Our travel consultant will confirm your inquiry in a maximum of 24 hours during workdays (Monday-Friday). Details are settled, the booking is paid and you are ready to go. Now it is your turn to enjoy your dream day trip to the fullest.

A bit longer, but way more interesting is the process of preparing a tailor-made excursion just for you. In this case, the more requirements from your side, the better. It is good to have information about your travel period, spare time availability, which city you are located in, and what are your interests and travel needs. Based on that, our travel professionals will design the best trip for you.

Go ahead with this story and don’t hesitate to send us your inquiry.