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Balchik is a seaside resort, situated on a small bay on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The town is located 31 km Northwards Varna, 37 km south-east of Dobrich and 500 km East from Sofia. Third in significance Bulgarian port after Varna and Bourgas, used for medium-size passenger and trade vessels.

Balchik is famous for The Palace, built by Romanian Queen Maria. The Royal Residence Complex has a unique botanical garden, the biggest and most diverse one on the Balkan Peninsula. The Palace Complex consists of a central palace building with a high tower, several villas, terraced park, green lanes and paths and beautiful stone summer-houses, propped on marvellous columns facing the sea.

The 4 km long coastal alley is a nice place to stroll, so are the harbour and the small streets around.

Number of small private restaurants and coastal stalls offer seafood, pizzas, spaghetti and other samples of European cuisine.