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Razlog is a town and ski resort in southwestern Bulgaria. It is situated in the Razlog Valley. All hotels of Razlog are offering shuttle busses to the ski-runs, located only 8 km from the town!

History, culture and natural resources are combined here to build an unforgettable appearance. The town carries the spirit of the Bulgarian Revival and culture. There are over 41 residential buildings from the time of Renaissance – Chepin house, possessing qualities of monuments of culture, Parapunov house (The Historic Museum in the Parapunov’s house shows us the way the local people lived in the Revival), Kiprevata house. The old town houses /from 30-years of the last century / in the central part of town, the pleasant green parks, the great quantity of fresh water and the views of Pirin and Rila mountains create a unique feeling for tourist. The town is a start point to lot of interesting trekking tours, which will lead you to many historical places of interest.

Razlog is a home of one of the most attractive and unique mummers procession in Bulgaria.
The mineral springs in the area are just another little touch of the incredible generosity of nature in Bulgaria in the valley.