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Muslim-Friendly Tours

What are Muslim-Friendly Tours?

Since the end of the past century, Bulgaria has been a preferable Muslim-friendly destination for travellers, especially from countries of the Middle East. A solid foundation was laid and through the years an expertise in suiting Muslim guest’s needs was achieved. For all visitors from this region, Bulgaria has always been associated with crystal clean air, beautiful nature, delicious food and rich nightlife.

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For a tour to be named as Muslim-friendly, it should meet the following criteria:

  • Availability of Halal food for the duration of the client’s stay;
  • Timing schedule respecting the times of the day at which clients will pray;
  • Servicing by leaders, tour guides and assistants, experienced in operating Muslim-friendly tours knowledgeable of the specifics in travel style and special needs;
  • SPA and wellness procedures arranged only in private facilities;
  • Careful selection of quality suppliers (hotels, restaurants, etc.) with experience and high expertise.

In Boiana-MG, we understand the needs of tourists and that’s why we have carefully selected itineraries and destinations for our Muslim-friendly tours to assure an effortless and enjoyable trip in Bulgaria. Our tours include many natural sights with little or no walking required, clean air, mountains and forests, rivers and lakes, vibrant cities with rich nightlife, numerous opportunities for shopping, SPA and wellness procedures.

Last, but not least – the food. It has to be clean, delicious and cooked according to the Islamic rules. And this is not a difficult task, because in Bulgaria the Muslim minorities are respected and have well-preserved Islamic traditions and customs.

That is why the feedback is so positive – tourists are feeling well accepted and safe in Bulgaria, thanks also to the famed hospitality of the Bulgarians.

Pick the right one

Our Muslim-friendly tours are divided into several different categories depending on the preferences and the travel style of each group or individual.

Leisure tours

They are the most appropriate for people looking for a relaxing holiday and during which they will get to visit some tourist sights or participate in interesting activities. The accommodation is at 4* and 5* hotels in most cases, preferable locations are mountain, beach and SPA resorts, where the guests can not only enjoy relaxation and serenity but might also receive health benefits as well. They can book procedures or therapeutic packages such as weight loss, rejuvenation, facial or body care, spinal, legs and arms treatment, etc.

City breaks

This section of our Muslim-friendly products is suitable for people, who would like to dive into the atmosphere of the city, socialize with local people, and gather many pleasant emotions. During the day, you can enjoy strolling down the city’s streets, sightseeing, visiting cultural events, or just sitting at a trendy café, observing the colourful stream of people and the city life passing by. In the evening – it’s time to party! The nightlife in bigger Bulgarian cities is incredibly rich – disco clubs, bars, restaurants, nightclubs and casinos. There are attractions for every taste.

Winter and snow tours

There are not many countries in the world that have real snowy winters as in a white fairytale. Bulgaria is one of them and you can see it for yourselves by choosing this section of our Muslim-friendly tours! Watching a vast landscape of pure white snow is amazing. The Bulgarian mountains are waiting for you with numerous adventures – skiing, snow gliding, snowball fighting, walking over snow powder, riding a snowmobile or Ski-Doo and many more…

A joyful snow day will usually end in the hot SPA centre of the hotel or in front of the fireplace with a cup of tea or a glass of freshly squeezed juice.

Summer tours

There is nothing better than chilling in the mountains during the hot summer months. The air is crystal clear, temperatures are moderate, and the surrounding nature with green forests, blue lakes and ice-cold rivers will assure that you can relax your body and soul to the fullest. After such a holiday a fully recharged battery is guaranteed!

Roundtrip tours in Bulgaria

This category of our Muslim-friendly tours is for the most curious travellers, who love constantly changing landscapes – from vibrant cities, through mountains, river canyons and valleys to the vast blue sea. During the roundtrip Muslim-friendly tours, you will be able to touch the cultural and historical heritage of Bulgaria, meet local people in cities and villages, and taste traditional Bulgarian meals.

To make a complete tour around Bulgaria, you will need from 8 to 15 days depending on your desired travel pace – fast or slow with plenty of free time in different spots.

Multi-country tours

Top-of-the-line Muslim-friendly tours for everybody with an adventurous mindset, that can spend more time in travel (10-14+ days) touring around several countries. The advantage of this type of tour is that you can become familiar with a mixture of diverse cultures, history and nature. During these tours, you will be accompanied by a personal driver and/or guide, who will be at your disposal 10 hours per day to assist you with all travel-related questions.

There are very good combinations of several neighbouring countries, such as Bulgaria, Romania, North Macedonia, Serbia, Greece, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and why not Hungary, Austria and Croatia… In each of these countries, you can travel with a multiple-entry Schengen visa.

For the maximum pleasure of the trip, the day-by-day travel distances should be moderate with no rush. For example, the optimum for a 10-day trip is to visit 2 countries at a moderate pace, rather than visit 4 countries in a travel style “pack, go and repeat”…

In this regard, our travel consultants are always at your disposal to propose and discuss the best Muslim-friendly travel solution within your time limits.

Nights and meals included in the packages

On average the duration of a Muslim-friendly round trip tour is 5-7 nights, for SPA vacations – 10-14 nights and city breaks – 3-4 nights. Most of the programs are with breakfast included so that you could be flexible in having lunches and dinners wherever you want during your stay.

When the arrangement of lunches and dinners is made by us in advance, we are selecting only quality restaurants tested and proven in time. They can be Bulgarian restaurants with expertise in preparing Halal food, Arabian, Turkish or Indian restaurants. It is important to mention that international restaurants are only available in bigger cities.

Additional options

Along with the standard travel services, Boiana-MG is offering a huge variety of additional Muslim-friendly services, events and attractions. These are for example rafting, kayaking, off-road trips, ATV riding, gun and bow shooting, paintball, carting, hunting, paragliding, private jet or stretch-limo ride and transfers.

We are working only with trusted suppliers to ensure safe and effortless arrangements for unforgettable experiences.

Why don’t you check it for yourselves? Send us your request for a free travel consultation here…