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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q. How do I make a reservation?
A. First, search for a hotel using our database; second, fill the reservation form attached to the hotel’s offer correctly and we will answer you within 24 hours during the working days: Monday – Friday.

2. Q. How do I know when my reservation is confirmed?
A. We will send you a confirmation email immediately after you complete your reservation. This email will include your booking details, prices and reference number.

3. Q. What booking confirmation will I receive?
A. You will receive a voucher via email. This is to be presented to your accommodation on arrival. If you do not receive this or wish to re-request the document you can email us at

4. Q. How long will it take Boiana-MG to process my booking?
A. Your requests will be processed and confirmed within 24 hours during the working days: Monday – Friday.

5. Q. How can I amend a booking?
A. Email us at We will look into the possibility of your change and answer you back. We will endeavour to respond to your enquiry within 24 hours during the working days: Monday – Friday. Please remember to include your booking reference.

6. Q. What is your cancellation policy?
A. Please read our terms and conditions.

7. Q. Can I make a group reservation?
A. Yes you can send us e-mail with your detailed requirements.

8. Q. What if I cannot find what I need on your site?
A. Please e-mail us your requirements on

9. Q. Do you offer transfers to the accommodation?
A. Yes, please check our transfer rates.

10. Q. Do you offer flights?
A. Yes, please send your request to

11. Q. What do RO, BB, HB, FB and AI mean?
A. These are all terms to describe the board basis of the hotel:
RO – This stands for “Room Only”. You can expect a room without any meals to be provided.
BB (or B&B) – This stands for “Bed and Breakfast”. You can expect a room, plus a breakfast in the morning. Drinks are not included.
HB – This stands for “Half Board”. You can expect a room, plus a breakfast in the morning and usually an evening meal. Drinks are not included. A few hotels will allow you to substitue the evening meal for a midday meal in the form of a packed lunch, but this is unusual. Please check with the individual hotel if you require this.
FB – This stands for “Full Board”. You can expect a room, plus the three main meals of the day to be provided. Drinks are not included.
AI – This stands for “All Inclusive”. You can expect a room, plus the three main meals of the day to be provided. Drinks are included, but the drinks offered will vary depending on the hotel. In addition to this, a range of activities, restaurants, facilities, children’s services and pools may be available at no extra cost.

12. Q. Can I check-in earlier than the check-in time?
A. It depends on the availability of your hotel. If the room that you are booked into is preoccupied the night before your stay, then it is not possible for you to check in early. This is because check-out time for the guests before you is normally 11:00 am, and then the housekeepers need ample time to clean your room. If the room you have been booked into is not occupied the night before your stay, then it is possible to check-in early.

13. Q. Can I check out later than the check-out time?
A. This is not normally possible. A check-out time is in place so that the housekeepers can work to a schedule to keep all the rooms that are scheduled to be checked-out clean and tidy. It also depends on the availability of your room. If your room is booked for guests arriving after you, then you will need to check-out on time to give the housekeepers time to prepare your room for the next guests. You can request a late check-out when booking your room and your chosen hotel will try their best to accommodate your request. Please note that some hotels could provide late check out against additional fee.

14. Q. Can I leave my bags at the hotel?
A. For the majority of hotel, the answer is yes. Most of the hotels have a concierge desk where you can leave your bags before checking-in. In other hotels where there is not a concierge desk, it is possible to leave your bags behind the reception desk before your checking-in time.

15. Q. What do I need for check-in at the Hotel?
A. You have to give your passport for register, you must show a copy of your voucher, which we will send to you by e-mail. The reservation will already be made in the hotel. The Hotel may ask for your credit card details for extras, such as telephone calls, mini-bar, room service, etc.

16. Q. What do I do upon departure from the Hotel?
A. When you check out from hotel, the key must be handed in at the reception and the bill for any extras must be paid in full.

17. Q. Is the room rate per person or per night?
A. Usually the rates are per person per night, unless specified otherwise.

18. Q. Are taxes and breakfast included in your prices?
A. All our hotel prices include VAT, meals (as specified in each offer) and service charges. In some cases resort fee should be paid in addition.

19. Q. What about extras?
A. Any extras you take advantage of at the hotel will have to be paid for by you upon departure. These could include using the mini-bar, or making telephone calls from the Hotel.

20. Q. Do you offer additional discounts?
A. For some of the hotels we could offer you additional discounts for group travelers.

21. Q. Do I pay a reservation fee?
A. When you book a room with us you do not have to pay a fee for the reservation.

22. Q. Can I make a hotel booking without a credit card?
A. Yes, you could book the hotels by bank transfer as well.

23. Q. Can I pay for my reservation with cash instead of with a credit card?
A. Yes you can pay cash upon your arrival. However, in order to make the booking we do need at least 50% of your total reservation amount in advance.