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“Dear Motherland,
 you are heaven on Earth,
 your beauty, your loveliness,
 ah, they are boundless.”

These lyrical verses are the refrain of the Bulgarian national anthem. They were written in the second half of the 19th century by the composer Tsvetan Radoslavov and synthesize symbols that every Bulgarian is proud of in their homeland. Land at the crossroads between East and West, giving birth to a country with a 1340-year history. The only one in Europe that has never changed its name!

Get acquainted with the beauty of Bulgaria

There are nations that fate has made happy to live in a blessed land. Bulgarians are among these lucky ones, gifted to row with handfuls of the generosity of nature.
Bulgaria has access to the sea with beautiful sandy beaches stretching several hundred kilometers from Romania's border to the North to Turkey's one to the South. 
When you meet the sun at sunrise on the July morning on Kamen Bryag and send it at sunset near the fiery red rocks of Cape Kaliakra, you will feel the magic that has constantly inspired and still inspires the imagination of poets and artists.
Bulgaria is as large as a “human palm” but has inherited from nature majestic mountains with dense forests, rivers and lakes, gorges, caves, and waterfalls. Mountains that gave birth to more than one or two legends who in the distant past protected the Bulgarians in tough times. And in the winter, on their snow slopes, the mountains gather thousands of winter sports fans. Travelling around these lands allows exploring nature Phenomena, remains from Ancient civilizations, and less-known cultural sites. 
We have our granary in Dobrudja - it will enchant you with endless sunflower fields spread out in bright yellow and green during the summer. Whether the purpose of travel is, the region consists even more. A bit of advice to those who come to the Balkans for the first time - “Make sure your destinations’ list has enough blank lines to fill”.
The precious rose oil, which gives the fragrance of the world's most famous perfumes, is coming from our Valley of Roses.
From the vineyards in the different regions of Bulgaria, the wine elixirs start their travels worldwide to spread the glory of Bulgarian wine production.
There are over 500 mineral springs, most of them with healing properties, with which our country is famous and which donate health to people from all over Europe. 
Bulgaria is the third country in Europe by the number of cultural and historical monuments, after Italy and Greece.
Remains of fortresses, sanctuaries, ancient settlements, temples, ancient tombs are evidence of a turbulent and tumultuous history in which the Bulgarians have preserved their dignity as a people and state. This richness could be the principal purpose for your travel to our country.
Under the protection of UNESCO are nine natural and historical sites on our territory. 
We have almost the same number of artifacts in the list of the World Organization for Intangible Heritage. We would distinguish the famous fire dance on glowing embers, which you could enjoy travelling around and having a typical folklore evening.
In the monasteries that have preserved the Christian religion and the national spirit of generations of Bulgarians over the centuries, skilled painters, icon masters, and woodcarving masters have created masterpieces now admired by guests of Bulgaria from around the world.
Just look at the unique carved wooden cross of the monk Raphael in the Rila Monastery! On a piece of boxwood 80 x 42 x 3 cm, with a chisel, needle, and magnifying lenses, this true genius of the early XIX century has recreated 36 religious scenes with more than 600 miniature figures! Travel to Rila monastery to see this masterpiece!
The Belogradchik Rocks, a geological Phenomenon in the northwest part of the country, was nominated for the World “New 7 Wonders of Nature” in 2007. But they are just one of the sites that travellers can explore in the region. 
And what else, if not magnificent pieces of art, are the unique multicoloured embroideries on women's costumes, colourful carpets from Chiprovtsi and Kotel, painted pots from Troyan and other ceramic schools in the country, Panagyurishte golden Thracian treasure - the pinnacle of ancient jewellery. Travel throughout the country to enjoy all these treasures made by human hands.
And all this is only a part of the beauty of Bulgaria, travel to enjoy and experience it!
Is there an appropriate time to travel around Bulgaria? The whole year. The country is a four-season destination with a wide range of travel possibilities.

Choose sea or mountain

According to the season, the mountains in Bulgaria offer a wide choice for active holidays. In winter, the most popular ski resorts: Bansko, Borovets, and Pamporovo, open their slopes and lifts for all who love alpine sports and snowboarding.
In all three resorts in recent years have been built or renovated hotels with all modern conditions for a complete vacation: spacious and comfortable rooms and suites, restaurants and bars, indoor swimming pools, spas, various services for ski fans, etc.
  • In summer, the mountains are attractive places for tours and trips among the many attractions - natural and cultural-historical, hiking or biking, horseback riding, jeep safaris, visits to towns - museums, etc;
  • The Bulgarian Black Sea coast remains the leading summer destination for holidays in Bulgaria and vacations in Bulgarian seaside resorts;
  • The sea vacation in Bulgaria has many advantages. The Black Sea is not as salty as most other sea basins worldwide, thanks to the large rivers such as the Danube, Dnieper, which pour into it;
  • There are no prominent tides, neither predatory and dangerous fish: sharks, stingrays and others;
  • The beaches have fine yellowish sand, wide and guarded, and the sea with a sloping sandy bottom;
  • The entire hotel base and its adjoining infrastructure are fully renewed according to world standards;
  • The food is delicious, and this is a quality of the entire Bulgarian national cuisine. 
  • The resorts offer restaurants, bars and entertainment places, various attractions, and water parks;
  • For the active vacation of the tourists are offered numerous tours and trips both along the coast and inland the country, yacht trips, tastings of Bulgarian wines, etc;
  • The nightlife is very dynamic.

Travel to Bulgaria with Boiana-MG 

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We offer tours and travels in Bulgaria and the nearby Balkan countries, holidays in the mountains, short excursions all over the country, vacations in spas resorts, bookings at sea resorts along the Black Sea coast. 
Boiana-MG travel company welcomes charter tourists from Central and Western Europe, the Middle East. The company has an established image of a correct partner. It is no coincidence that in 2014 we were awarded the prestigious award “Tour Operator of Bulgaria”.