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Tailor-made tours

Tailor-made tours

What is a tailor-made tour?

The phrase says it all – a travel experience designed specifically with your measures, that fits you like a glove. If you are seeking comfort and security during your holiday, our experts at Boiana-MG travel company have many years of experience and are here to help you materialize your desired new adventure. Flexibility is a special part of a tailor-made tour. It gives you the freedom to adapt every part of the journey to your needs. The details on arranging your great holiday you can leave to us!

What can be included?

From here starts the fun part – it is like going into a big market and entering every shop you like. You can start with where you want to go, what you want to do and see, what is your budget and with whom you would like to share this experience. Wherever you want to explore, we will make a unique tailor-made tour for you. 

7 reasons why to choose a tailor-made tour:

  • Ideas materializing within your budget range;
  • A special approach to every detail;
  • A flexible program according to your pace; 
  • Ideal option for family or a romantic get-away;
  • Avoid the noisy, crowded places and enjoy your new experience to the fullest;
  • The travel format is chosen by you;
  • You can be accompanied by a professional guide who will answer all of your questions and tend to your every travel need.

You decide when, where and for how long

As you are the designer of the tour, choosing the places to go is one of the first steps. It can be one destination or more. Once you have this initial idea in mind, the travel experts in Boiana-MG will do the rest. In the many years we operated on the touristic scene we gathered deep knowledge regarding Bulgaria and the Balkans as travel destinations. With it, we guarantee that we will give you the maximum experience you can get from a tailor-made tour assembled with our help.

The world gives you many possibilities for exploration and the flexibility to arrange your journey adds that special thing that would leave you with long-lasting memories. With this freedom in your hands, whether you wish to have a nice vacation in a resort at the Black Sea, explore the Thracian civilization, or make a combination of several countries and discover that interesting place, you have seen on television – everything is possible. The range of experiences within reach throughout the Balkans is exceptionally wide. So whether you are eager to taste new cuisine, explore wildlife and nature or discover culture and history – a tailor-made trip is the thing for you.

To add on top of that, scheduling a trip might be essential to the overall experience. Some people enjoy travelling off-season when it is quiet and calm, others prefer the noisy and vibrant life in the high season. Either in the summer, when you can enjoy great weather and the warm seawater, or during the winter months – each season has a unique beauty on its own. In this regard, a tailor-made tour gives you the flexibility to decide when you would like to start. Whatever works best for you is the way to go.

Your journey can vary from several days to nearly a month. The easiest way to decide how much time you can spend is by the destination you choose – if a long flight is to take you to the starting point, it is better to choose a longer stay. That way you won’t be exhausted from the time difference and the many new things that you want to explore. If you want to make your journey worth it to the fullest you should not lessen the time you spend! 

Diversity in accommodation

Everybody has their way of travelling – you might want to spend every night at one location and have day trips to the surroundings or you might wish to explore on the go while moving from town to town. This part is just as important as every other bit of the tailor-made tour. An integral component to make you feel comfortable and enjoy your vacation. What are your accommodation expectations?

If you are more orientated budget-wise and yet still seek comfort, there are many affordable options from 2, 3-star hotels and family estates. For the more luxuriously focused travellers, a tailor-made tour can concentrate on the extravagant and lavish hotels that would make you feel like royalty. Because of this we are prepared to offer you a rich diversity in traditional and authentic places to spend the night after a day of enjoyment.

You may want to spend a night or two in a nice resort in the Black Sea, dive into the fresh mountain air in the mountains of Bulgaria or enjoy the cosiness of a private, authentic estate. The accommodation can be an experience in itself!

Means of transport

In a tailor-made excursion, there is always that passion for exploration and the journey from place to place is one of the best parts. You can travel straight to the destination or do some spontaneous exploring around the points of the itinerary. This flexibility will add up to the uniqueness of your experience. Whether it is a Narrow-Gauge train ride through the beautiful Rhodope Mountains, a boat ride on an exotic river, luxury transportation, bus – the list can vary.

But a trip to a new country can always be experienced best if you are accompanied by a local to provide you with extra knowledge on site. The expert touch of a guide with you will help you with insights into the culture, the interesting places outside of the guidebooks and so on. So whatever means of transport you are choosing, do not ignore the inclusion of one of our highly skilled guides. It is essential! 

How many people can be in a group?

If you have been reading thus far then you already know the answer. The number of travel companions is your decision! If you are happy with meeting new people and sharing experiences with new friends then you can choose a group journey. Or maybe you are more of a small group kind of person, with a steady and relaxed pace, with the freedom to have time on your own for independent exploration. On a tailor-made tour, you can also travel with your family, a group of friends or your spouse.

By personally choosing the format of your journey you get the outstanding chance to even do activities separately or together. If there are some from the group that are more inclined to lean back and relax they can enjoy the SPA facilities, the sandy beaches, while the more active part of the group could maybe prefer to fly with a paraglider. And those are just a few of the many perks such a tour has. The freedom to choose what you want to do is in your hands!

Plan your tailor-made tour with Boiana-MG today

Every new destination is unique and different. It presents many possibilities. A travel enthusiast such as you will always search for the best and most comfortable way to make his dream come true within the range of his own time and budget.

At Boiana-MG we strive to deliver the best product, suitable for each individual and help you get the most out of travelling. Come and explore the beauty of Bulgaria and the Balkans with us. Just explain your idea now and leave the rest to us!