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Guided tour with Guaranteed Departures

When you hear the word “Guaranteed”, the first assumption is that it will always be carried out, no matter the number of participants. Nowadays a piece of certainty in our lives brings much-needed value and especially when it comes to vacation. It is your special time when all your obligations are on pause and you can enjoy yourself while exploring new horizons.

We, here at Boiana-MG travel company, have many years of experience in running guaranteed departure tours around Bulgaria and the Balkans. We gather travellers from all around the world and when you join our guided journeys you can be sure that people are speaking your language. With a preliminary chosen tour program – there is no more to ask for a good journey.

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What is a Guaranteed departure tour?

When you embark on a new destination you schedule your visit in advance to benefit your requirements. In that case a guided tour with a local expert who will be with you through the day’s itinerary and give you much needed free time.

You can walk around and visit the places only locals know, feel the beat of the community. All that and more is the primary aim of our Guided products with Guaranteed departure. You can choose from a variety of options and many interesting packages. There are many trip dates for each of the itineraries and you just need to find the best time. You also have to decide if you will be travelling on your own or maybe as a couple or even an entire company of friends.

Guaranteed departure dates

If you book a year in advance, you will always know that the journey would be materialized with the only exception of force majeure circumstances occurring. Why is that? Because it is with Guaranteed departure dates. You just have to select from the many options we have in our interesting programs. This gives you the much-needed freedom when no minimum number of travellers is required for and you can go ahead with planning with no worries on your mind.

How big can the groups be?

The group size can vary and there is no minimum or maximum number required. The selection of dates and programs allows diversity for every tourist and will be suitable even for a solo traveller. But also, on the escorted tours with fixed dates there can be many participants, making the trip run with tourists from all over the world that get together for an unforgettable experience.

Another huge plus is that the price for a Guided tour with a sure departure dates is optimized to the maximum. It is so because all of the services and dates are considered equal for optimum experience and with free time for the group.

Best time to visit Bulgaria and the Balkans

When it comes to travelling, always the first thought is – when is the best time to see the chosen destination? Every country has its specification during the seasons and it is up to you to choose what you want to do and see. Bulgaria and the Balkans, in general, provide some of the best possibilities in Europe as a four-season destination.

All year round

For all the winter lovers out there, you would be delighted to visit the many beautiful mountains throughout the Balkan Peninsula. Moreover, the entire peninsula is named after the main mountain chain that cuts through Bulgaria – The Balkan, also known as Stara Planina.

If you prefer hot and long summer days, the sunny beaches and the warm sea are no less needed.

Each season in Bulgaria has its unique beauty and it is up to you to decide!

Choose the best tour for you

How to choose the best for you? There is a wide selection of Guided tours with secured departures that varies from just several nights to a couple of weeks. They are always guided by an expert in the field and present a great possibility for a solo traveller to join a group of similar-minded enthusiasts, which have chosen the same package as you. You get together for new emotions and can choose from a diversity of options. Below we share some interesting ideas:

  • If you are looking for history and culture, exploring old civilizations – “On the tracks of the Thracian civilization” would be a perfect fit for you. Tombs, jewellery, architecture – Bulgaria exhibits unique historical and archaeological discoveries and many sites to visit.
  • For travellers that want to explore every aspect of a new destination – from cuisine, through nature to culture and folklore – we offer diversity with several packages that will guide you through the maze of new experiences, all the dos and don’ts.
  • If you are searching for a combination of more than one country, our “Two of the oldest civilizations in Europe” is most sought after in that category. For nearly 10 days you will explore a great distance throughout two countries and examine their culture. The beauty of it is that you are guided through two uncut gems situated on the two banks of the Danube River.
  • There are also very interesting and colourful journeys for all the festival enthusiasts. If you are a fan of all kinds of get-togethers, then you will enjoy the Rose and Lavender Festivals, held every year in the heart of the Rose Valley. They attract visitors from all over the world with authentic spirit and a rich program in June and July each year. This is the time of their blossoming and harvest.
  • With our itineraries during that period, a diverse and thematic program is preparing you for the culmination of the festivities.
  • We have prepared guaranteed tours with an all-natural focus, for people who enjoy spending their vacation in touch with nature. Recharging batteries is best done with fresh mountain air in the lungs. It is a great mood booster. Enjoy being guided throughout small authentic villages, splendid natural landscapes and talking to local people – what more can you wish for?

Book your Guaranteed departure tour with us

Throughout the years, the Boiana-MG team has always strived to welcome its tourists and give them the best possible experience! We provide trustworthy guided tours to our tourists and partners from the entire globe and strive to present the best that Bulgaria, the Balkans and Europe have to offer! If you are searching for your best local tourist company and rely on a friendly and professional attitude, don’t hesitate and book your guaranteed guided tour with us!