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Multi-Country Tours

Are you the kind of traveller that always wants to travel more? More to see, more to experience, more to discover. Always on the run to explore new and exciting horizons? We’ve got the thing just for you – our multiple country tours, specially designed to quench the thirst for perpetual movement. Sign up and you will come across hidden gems on each day of your marvellous journey!

What is a multi-country tour?

A multiple country tour by definition is a tour that passes through the highlight destinations of more than one state. There are many benefits that you take advantage of by choosing such a product. Most neighbouring nations share a common history, intertwining culture, and similar cuisine. So in a way, day by day on your journey, a new page from a complex, beautiful story will be revealed in front of you.

You will learn many details on the interactions between folk and their cultural habits and see the marks that this process left in the whole region you are exploring. Even more so – each day will be a new adventure. Seeing the most important tourist sites in a whole region is something crucial for the modern-day traveller.

If we can summarize it in one sentence – a multiple country tour portrays the full picture!

Which countries can you visit on our tours?

On our multiple country tours you will mainly (but not exclusively) get to visit the nearby yet exotic countries on the Balkan Peninsula:

  • Bulgaria – on a crossroad between the East and the West, between the modern and the ancient world. From its vast mountain ranges (one of which had given the name of the peninsula) to the sunny shores of the Black Sea, Bulgaria will enchant you with its undeniable beauty! Whether it is the rose aroma in the air or the ancient history that is unveiled before your eyes you will surely feel the magic;
  • Romania – the land of Vlad Dracula. History and mythology intertwine in spectacular castles and fortified churches nestled in the majestic Carpathian mountain range. Romania has much to offer to its guests and it is deservedly an essential part of most of our multiple country tours;
  • Macedonia – a young nation with a turbulent history and heroic folk. Macedonia will welcome you with open arms. To display its culture and rituals, to share its delicious cuisine and to show you a way of life closer to the land that brings people closer to each other;
  • Serbia – you will see everything as it is. Spontaneous and genuine, much like the character of its most famous athlete – Novak Djokovic. Visiting this land will multiple chances to satisfy your senses: see magnificent landscapes, explore hidden paths and experience a diverse culture;
  • Montenegro – it can be literally translated as “Black Mountain” and it certainly justifies that name. A mountainous region covered with dense forests might not sound like the perfect destination at first but when you see the beauty of Skadar lake, the majestic Tara River canyon and the wonderful coastal cities like Budva you will want nothing else than to discover more and more;
  • Turkey – oriental beauty at its best. These lands bear the marks of numerous civilizations as one of the earliest permanently settled regions in the world. Istanbul, once chosen as the new Rome by Constantine the Great, was simply known as “the city” for centuries. That is how important today’s megapolis was and still is. It is no wonder that some of the biggest wars in mankind history were fought to control the Golden horn. Nowadays you can “conquer” those blessed lands on one of our multiple country tours;
  • Greece – one of the cradles of western civilization. From its crystal water beaches to the multiple remains from the “Ancient World” displayed in modern museums, this location has a surprise around every corner;
  • Albania – not long ago this beautiful country was missing from the tourist maps but now it is a major destination of interest to tourists not only from Europe but from all over the World as well;
  • Croatia – “The Pearl of the Adriatic”, this nickname is used for one of the major cities, Dubrovnik, but it very well implies for the whole country. Marvellous nature and numerous historical sites, a prime example of every reason to visit the Balkans.

Other interesting lands that you will discover on our multiple country tours are Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, The Netherlands, Austria, Moldova, Ukraine and Slovenia.

How long are the tours and how big are the groups?

Our multiple country tours come in many varieties and you may say we have something for each tourist desire. From a few days’ cities breaks to weeks of intense discovery, we’ve got everything you need.

In terms of group size – we adapt our products to your preferences as well. We can arrange privately escorted excursions custom made just for you or large groups on our guaranteed departures.

However you want to spend your holidays, we have the right tour planned just for you!

What is included in the packages?

You can check out the included services after the description of each of our multiple country tours (the only service that is constantly included is the hotel accommodation). Here in Boiana-MG, we believe that full transparency is the key to our client’s trust so everything that is included in the package price is thoroughly listed. Regardless of the inclusions, we guarantee that the memories from your magical activities will be priceless!