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Velingrad is one of the most popular Bulgarian spa treatment resorts. It is situated in the south of the country, in the Rhodopes Mountain, some 130 km away from Sofia and 85 km from Plovdiv, at an altitude of 745 m above the sea level. The climate there is mild and good for spa treatment during the whole year. The resort is rich in mineral waters, which cure diseases of the respiratory organs, neuralgic and functional diseases and sterility, diseases of the locomotory system after rheumatism and others. Not far from the resort is the high mountainous place Yundola with wonderful conditions for ski sports, especially for the winter disciplines like ski racing and biathlon.

With its abundance and variety of mineral waters, Velingrad occupies first place in Bulgaria. The richest hydrothermal deposits are to be found here. Its water resources amount to about 160-175 l/sec. The total number of mineral sources is about 80. The water temperature varies- 42-43 deg С in Chepino, 28- 63 deg C in Ludgene, 84-88 deg C in Kamenitza and 94 deg C in Draginovo.

The springs natural temperature is 47.5 C, the micro components and the overall mineralization being as follows:

Overall mineralization/mg per 1 litre/227.5/, low mineralization under 1 g/litre

Anions : Fluorine – 5.5, Chlorine – 3.8, Sulfate – 31.9, Carbonate – 14.6, Hydrocarbonate – 56.3, Hydrosilicate – 2.7, Nitrate – not available, Nitrite – not available.

Cations : Sodium – 94.0, Potassium – 55.1, Calcium – 2.9, Iron – 0.01, Magnesium – traces, Metasilicic acid – 53.7,Radonium – 67 eman.

The mineral water affects the human system by: increasing micturation, improving the bowel and liver function, normalizes the nervous system and the functioning of the glands, activates blood regeneration. Improves conditions caused by inflammatory and degenerative processes, ensuring and anti-toxic effect.