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Primorsko is a coastal resort situated on a cape between two vast bays on the southern part of the Black Sea Coast in Bulgaria. Its favourable climate and picturesque nature make it a great destination for tourists from all over the world. The weather conditions and temperatures allow the main tourist season to spread from May till September. You are on the right path to a perfect summer holiday!

About Primorsko

There are many interesting aspects of this beautiful Bulgarian resort and that compels some travellers to visit it year after year, just to explore more. The location is famous for its long beaches with numerous dunes and blue lagoons that underline the natural beauty of this place. Primorsko has a rich and colourful history. Many civilizations left their mark on those lands, from ancient sanctuaries and churches to fortresses and settlements that currently are on the bottom of the sea. You can always find something to capture your imagination!


There are many wonderful sights that a curious traveller can explore while taking a holiday in Primorsko. On the top of the list are:

  • Beglik Tash – a mystical Sanctuary, part of Ropotamo Preserve, where the ancient Thrace performed rituals to celebrate the sacred bond between the sun and the earth. Because of the giant stone pieces, each with a different symbolic role, it is often referred to as “The Bulgarian Stonehenge”;
  • Ropotamo river and nature preserve – only a few places can compete with this area when it comes to wild beauty. Secluded virgin beaches, peculiar rock formations (one of which bears a striking resemblance to a lion’s head), dense forests, and jungle-like vegetation around the river banks. This natural abundance can be found near Primorsko;
  • Maslen Nos cape – renowned for its amazing beauty, the bay near the cape is a place where a traveller can become one with nature. Watching dolphins swim by is something quite frequent here;
  • St. Thomas Island – also known as “Snake Island”. Just across the Arkutino beach lies one of the few sea islands on the Bulgarian coastline. Many legends surround its past and present. From underwater caves where pirates hide their treasures to mystical sanctuaries. What is known for sure is that it was a favourite place of Boris the third – a Bulgarian monarch.

Activity ideas and attractions

There is an abundance of activities and attractions that Primorsko offers to its guests. Of course, the most standard will be enjoying the sun and the breeze lying on the fine sand. If that is the case, then the famous Perla beach awaits you. If you prefer nature walking, we have already discussed many interesting options.

And suppose you like a bit more excitement. In that case, there is an adventure Aquapark in the resort and another in its vicinity, boat rides on the Ropotamo, all kinds of water sports, and many other fascinating activities!

Parties and nightlife

This part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast is not particularly famous for its thrilling nightlife. Although Primorsko is a bit quieter and bears no resemblance whatsoever to Sunny Beach, it still has a variety of bars and clubs for you to enjoy. Besides those opportunities, there are plenty of events in the summer calendar – concerts, parties, and raves all waiting for you to join in the fun.

What else do you need to know about Primorsko?

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