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Special offers

We all enjoy it when we are offered gifts in any form, don’t we? When we are shopping, we light up when we see our “too expensive dress” on sale, or when we want to buy that quality bottle of wine and we see it is half-price – great day. The same is when it comes to choosing your holiday – the gorgeous place that you have an eye on will give you a present for your stay in the form of a special offer just for you!

Bulgaria has a variety of excellent hotels all along the Black Sea coastline, in its majestic mountains, or along the many healing mineral water springs. If you wish to make the search easy and want someone to do the work instead of you – contact Boiana-MG.

Our team is always busy arranging that best deal just for you and will advise for the best special offer there is. We gathered much experience and knowledge through the years. We developed stable partnerships proven in time and this would save you a lot of time and guarantee you no unpleasant surprises. And why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of this, when preparing for your holiday?

Attractive destinations

Time to choose that charming new destination for your vacation. The hidden gem of Europe that is Bulgaria is the best choice – it has a bit of everything. With fantastic special offers, the hotels attract tourists from all around the globe. If you are looking for a great summer vacation along the sea, good and quality resorts such as Golden Sands, Albena, Nessebar, and more are the places to be. You can choose a day or two to enjoy the great natural and historical sites around.

If a mountain rest is what you are looking for, with fresh air, green forests, and amazing views – a good option for every season is presented in the charming resorts like Bansko, Pamporovo, Borovets, and others. The special offers are a great opportunity for your winter vacation and many skiers prefer to stay there when on holiday.

Variety of hotels

Every season has its magic. Summer presents the great warmth of the sun whereas winter is a white-covered wonderland where everything is snowy and enchanting. In Bulgaria, hotels present all sorts of special offers for tourists. There are world-famous resorts, often chosen for winter international championships, as is Bansko for example, which comes to show the high professionalism and amenities that are provided here.

In the mountains

There are many great resorts, across the vast mountains in Bulgaria as Rila, Pirin, Rhodopi, and the Balkan Mountains. Each of them offers a different view of your winter holiday. In a very important aspect – there are different categories for everyone – from luxury international chains such as Kempinski, Grand hotel Murgavets as part of Alkoclar and others to national brands as Festa hotels and Lion.

There is a variety for you to choose from. The resorts are all built around interesting places for you to go to and with all needed facilities as:

  • Lifts to take you to the top;
  • Ski schools;
  • Ski Storage units;
  • Equipment for ski and snowboard;
  • Ski and snowboard instructors;
  • Restaurants;
  • Wellness centres;
  • Spa treatments;
  • All-inclusive packages.

At the seaside

Now we are to check out the possibilities along the golden beaches. Given the soft climate in Bulgaria, the season can start in May and end in October. Depending on your chosen time for vacation, the hotels have fixed a special offer for everybody’s taste. Many international brands are represented here, for those who long for luxury – Melia, Iberostar, Barcelo, RIU hotels are only a small portion of the variety. And those longing for the comfort of local hospitality would not be disappointed.

The possibilities can vary from all that is presented in the hotels and resorts, as beach bars, swimming pools, private and public beaches with sunbeds and sunshades, cosy to high-standard restaurants, yachting, water skiing, surfing, Jets, water parachutes, and diving.

Choose one of our special accommodation seasonal breaks and we guarantee you won’t regret it!

Limited time offers

When we are talking about special offers, we always have to account for the timing. Perfect timing is essential to be the one who takes advantage of the best choice. In that order, the saying “The earlier, the better” is not just an empty word. Limited-time offers have expiration and come at a certain number. So don’t waste time and carry out your vacation at a great price without losing any of the advantages of your choice.

Hotels both at the sea and in the mountain are preparing each year, before or during the active season, some irresistible packages. Taking that into account, the best and easiest way is to check out with your local and trusted tour operator, who will carry out the booking on time. 

Get your special offer with Boiana-MG

It is not an unknown fact in tourism, for people to develop great partnerships with each other. This is also the main goal of Boiana-MG Travel Company. For more than 25 years we have strived to be a mediator between hotels and tourists for a perfect holiday. Throughout the years, many happy clients are coming each year, happy with the professionalism of our team and we in return offer great discounts for our regular and happy clients.

Be at ease whenever you want to choose the right accommodation for your holiday. We always strive to provide every special deal there is for you to feel comfortable and relax. Our happy clients are our goal. Don’t wonder anymore and choose from the variety of special offers we deliver for your dream vacation in Bulgaria!