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Trips in Bulgaria

Your holiday is approaching, and you still haven’t decided how to spend it. You always wanted to take a trip abroad, but there was always something stopping you – is the destination I chose suitable for this time of the year? I want to visit a place that is not too distant and yet feels exotic. But where can I feel both thrilled and secured?

We are sure that all those thoughts had crossed your mind at some point, and we have an irresistible offer for your next adventure – Bulgaria. The country is a safe destination that offers a wide variety of options for your holiday. You can choose between vacations in the famous winter resorts, summer break on the hot sandy beaches, or relax in some of the marvellous SPA resorts where your body can be reborn all year round.

In case you choose Bulgaria for your next vacation, you will find even more than you expected. Choose Boiana-MG, and you will be in safe hands!

Planning your trip

To ensure an enjoyable trip, you always have to do some careful planning at first. After you decide what the overall type of your stay will be, you have to consider the most suitable period (or it might be the other way round if you have your holidays already fixed).

Prefered Periods

During the summer in Bulgaria, you can enjoy long sunny days on the beach with pleasant water temperatures. The active season spreads from June till the middle of September (with some yearly variations depending on climate changes). If skiing is your joy, the period between mid-December and the end of March is the right time for you. And as we already mentioned, SPA is a great choice regardless of the season.

Possible Routes

After selecting the type of trip and the period you will be travelling, you have to choose a location. For a moderately sized country, Bulgaria has an enormous variety of destinations. From party spots on the beach to small towns in secluded mountainous areas. You can find plenty of fantastic options, and if you need some help to make your decision, you can contact us at any time!

Choose a resort

You are almost ready! You have the “why?” and you have the “when?”, now all you need is the “where?”. Yes! You already have a clue. During the planning phase, you have set your sight on some great locations, but you still have to pick a specific resort and a hotel for your accommodation. Here is where we can assist. You will find plenty to choose from on the website. We divided them into three general categories to correspond with the purpose of your trip:

  • Sea Resorts – in this section, you will find all the best options for your summer holiday;
  • Ski Resort – for those who love skiing and admire majestic snowy mountains;
  • SPA Resorts – where serenity will overwhelm you, and you can heal your body and soul.

If you are in doubt or have any questions whatsoever, do not hesitate to contact us. Our professional and experienced team of travel consultants will help make the best choice!

Types of trips

We went through the types of trips you can make in terms of general-purpose and location. And still, the main goal of your journey can vary widely.

At a winter resort, you can enjoy a holiday devoted entirely to skiing. But you can also spend it in relaxation, admiring the beauty of Bulgaria’s nature while taking a cable cart ride above the pine forests or just drinking a glass of warm herbal tea next to the fireplace. The same thing applies to the Sea and SPA resorts. You can either be active and have day tours to attractive sights presenting the rich history or the picturesque nature of the country or spend your days at leisure laying on the beach or meditating in the SPA of a luxury hotel.

You also have to consider the duration of your stay. Will it be a long holiday (of 14 days and more) or a short and intensive vacation? It is your decision, but we are always there to help you. When you need advice during the arrangement process, ask us, and we will assist.

What is included in the packages?

The inclusions in each package vary depending on the chosen resort and specific accommodation. Each hotel offers different services and has its policies.

Besides the accommodation, we can arrange and include virtually every service you may need in your package – from transfers, local excursions, rent-a-car, insurances even to flight tickets.

Whatever your choice is, as Boiana-MG experts, we believe that absolute transparency is the key to our client’s trust, and there is nothing that we value more. So everything that the package price includes will be thoroughly presented and explained to you before making your final decision.

Regardless of the inclusions, we guarantee that the memories from your magical trip will be priceless!

Tips for making the best choice

Boiana-MG is a company with more than 25 years of experience in the tourist industry, and we can guarantee you full support in making the right choice when it comes to your holiday. Below is a list of a few headline tips, but if you need anything else – we are at your service:

  • Plan your trip, enjoy your plan’s fruition on the spot;
  • Always select a hotel thematically relevant to the type of trip you choose to make;
  • When deciding what to include in the package, always consider that the transportation from the airport might seem like a small detail, but it is a vital part of your journey;
  • Always choose a reliable transfer service – the quality of ours is guaranteed;
  • If you are travelling with children – check if the resort and the hotel you have chosen are suitable for families;
  • If you are travelling with pets – check if the resort and hotel you have chosen allow pets.

There is always a lot more, so whatever you may need for organizing your perfect trip – count on us!