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“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” I am sure that we’ve all heard that expression often contributed to St. Augustine. But when you think about it, isn’t it the way you travel that matters?

In today’s globalised world, it is easy to get from one place to another, thousands of kilometres away in just a few hours. Most borders are now open and we can visit different countries and even continents all around the world freely. But do we take advantage of that freedom? Do we carry the explorer’s spirit of our ancestors that risked their lives on dangerous voyages just to discover new horizons? Or are we just customers in the mass tourism industry going through the routine?

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I am sure you know what we mean – a boring, lazy vacation sunbathing at some crowded beach or near a fancy hotel pool. Posting pictures of your total relaxation with a drink in your hand tagged on an exotic destination. It is not that we are against it. On the contrary, we are sure that everybody needs to unwind from time to time. It is just that we think that there is something more to travelling…

We at Boiana-MG travel agency are sure that the adventurous spirit of Ferdinand Magellan and Francis Drake lives in all of us, urging us to honour their legacy by exploring new worlds and new sensations. Our tours are specially designed to intrigue and provoke you. To let you truly experience the colourful mixture of Bulgaria and the Balkans!

Discover the amazing Bulgarian tourist attractions and places

Bulgaria is a fantastic country with picturesque nature and remarkable yet turbulent history. Numerous civilizations left their mark on our lands. But even more spectacular than the many ancient landmarks is the touch by the hand of God. On our tours, you will be able to see and enjoy majestic mountains, wild rivers, vast plains covered with roses and lavender, and on the eastern shore – the mysterious Black Sea.

Srebarna Nature Reserve, Pirin National Park, and the Primeval Beech Forests of the Balkan Mountains and the Carpathian Mountains of Romania are included in UNESCO’s natural heritage. Another testimony to show just how precious the natural gifts of Bulgaria are. Speaking about the United Nations specialized agency, we must mention that on our tours you will be able to discover numerous UNESCO listed cultural sights as well:

  • The Rila monastery;
  • The Madara Rider;
  • The Thracian tomb of Kazanlak;
  • The Sveshtari tomb;
  • The old town of Nessebar;
  • The Rock-hewn Churches of Ivanovo;
  • The Boyana Church.

Bulgaria has a rich history. Throughout the ages, many civilizations left their mark on our lands. On our tours, you will be able to explore the many ancient artefacts and be free to feel the vibe of each city you visit. The mixture of cultures at some of the towns that were major market centres is overwhelming, while at the same time, the substantive nature of small mountainous villages still keeps the authentic Bulgarian spirit alive in their traditions and their livelihood.

As for tour attractions, Bulgaria welcomes guests from all around the world and tourism is one of the main industries in the country. The tourist map is expanding every year with new features. Recently found and restored sights of the ancient world like the majestic Bishop’s basilica in Plovdiv or newly traced and well-maintained eco trails like the picturesque “Byala reka” in the Central Balkan national park enrich our tours. No effort is spared to show the beauty and versatility of Bulgaria!

Tour many places in a short time

„A land like the pawn of your hand… But I don’t need anything more” The words of Georgi Dzhagarov, a famous poet and publicist, to portray the admiration to his beautiful homeland are probably the best description of Bulgaria. It is considered a small country, although with its 111 000 square kilometres it is more of a medium-sized country compared to the rest in Europe.

But even so, the abundance of cultural and historical landmarks in Bulgaria is impressive. On a single 7-day tour, for example, you can see majestic mountains, climb the highest peak on the Balkan Peninsula, track through the primaeval beech forests of Central Balkan, go spelunking in kilometre-deep caves, visit ancient cities and dive into the waters of the mysterious Black Sea to look for hidden treasures.

If it is a historical or an anthropologic tour you’re after, again Bulgaria can be the perfect destination. Antiquity to modern times, this crossroad, and a gateway to Europe even, was always an attraction point for different civilizations. All of them fought, lived and left their legacy on our lands.

From the Neolithic dwellings in Stara Zagora and the Necropolis of Varna, where the oldest processed gold in the world was discovered through the numerous Thracian and Roman archaeological sites to the fortresses of ancient Bulgarian kings and majestic monasteries risen from the ashes during the revival of Bulgaria. All of this can be seen without tiring long bus rides and hectic tour schedules.

If you like to travel to many countries and explore different cultures in a short period, we have the right adventure for you. Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Greece – all of them are ready to welcome you on our entertaining Balkan tours!

Meet the Bulgarian traditions

Three main factors preserved the Bulgarian nation during the 5-century long Ottoman yoke – our language, our faith and our traditions. We strive to showcase this authentic culture on our tours.

Numerous festivals are honouring the profound connection between Bulgarians and their land. During winter, we chase the evil spirits away to have a fruitful year ahead. In spring, we celebrate the new life and the festivals are mostly dedicated to flowers and herbs covering the fields. Summer is a time of labour and in autumn we feast while still humbly thanking mother earth for her gifts.

On your tour in Bulgaria, you will be able to see some of these rituals recreated at authentic guesthouses that kept the legacy of our forefathers alive. You will get to experience true hospitality and try traditional dishes with homegrown ingredients. As for spirits – the Bulgarian lands had been famous for their unique wine sorts ever since Thracian times when this godly drink was on a high pedestal.

We already mentioned hospitality and welcoming guests from all over the world, sharing our treasures might also be mentioned as a tradition. Bulgaria is second in Europe in the number of hot mineral springs, just behind Iceland. The fame of the Pomorian lye spreads across the world. The healing powers of those natural resources are unquestionable and we gladly offer them to you on our tours.

Our company aims to make travel meaningful. Take a tour with us and experience this unique, colourful mixture! Join us on a discovery quest and reward yourself with an adventure through nature and history!