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Holidays in Bulgaria

Wondering where to spend your next holiday? Looking for a new place to explore, an exciting unknown culture to experience? Something exotic but still not too distant. If that’s the case then we have the answer for you – Bulgaria!

Throughout its history, our ancient country gathered a colorful variety of rituals and observances which are carefully kept by our nation to withstand the test of time. Now this remarkable heritage is on display for Bulgaria’s visitors to discover.

So don’t hesitate! Pack your bags and head for a holiday you won’t forget!

Bulgaria’s most important holidays

Our country’s national holidays are a mixture of historical dates and religious feasts. Тhe most celebrated is the 3rd of March. On this day in 1878, the Treaty of San Stefano was signed thus ending the Russo-Turkish War and marking the liberation from a 5-century long Ottoman rule. The other two notable historical holidays are the 6th of September (Unification in 1885) and the 22nd of September (Independence in 1908). The culmination of our nation’s revival is something worth celebrating!

The majority of Bulgarians are Orthodox Christian and because of this, the most important religious holidays are of course Easter and Christmas. Yet, St. George’s day (6th of May) is also nationally celebrated, being the day of the Bulgarian army as well.

As for cultural-religious holidays – the biggest is the 24th of May when we celebrate the work of Saints Cyril and Methodius. The two brothers that created the Cyrillic script used by hundreds of millions of people all over the world nowadays. They are canonized by the Eastern Orthodox Church with the title of “equal-to-apostles”.

Ancient observances and traditions in Bulgaria

Visit and experience the unique mixture of religious beliefs and pagan rituals entangled in a colorful variety of observances and traditions.

Dive into ice-cold waters to rescue the Holy Cross during the Epiphany church holidays. Legend has it that if the cross freezes after it is taken out the year will be fruitful and the person who catches it in the dark and cold waters will be happy and healthy.

Chase away the malicious spirits during the “Surva” holiday in Pernik. An annual festival consisting of more than 6 000 people, 100 masquerade groups with “Kukeri” representing each of the ethnographic regions and many guests from all over the world.

Besides being the holiday of love the 14th of February is celebrated in Bulgaria as the day of the vine grower in honor of Saint Tryphon. It usually marks the first pruning of the grapevines. Experience this one-of-a-kind fest on one of our specially crafted wine tours.

Weave strings of white and red yarn to make the symbolic Martenitsa. A small adornment that Bulgarians put on their clothes on the 1st of March and don’t take off before they either see a stork or a blooming tree. It is said to bring health and is there something more important nowadays?

Talking about health. Nature medicine has been the only way our forefathers faced such challenges as we are at the moment. Bulgaria’s nature has a plenty of healing herbs and according to folk legend, all of them are incredibly powerful on one day of the year – Saint John’s day. Visit the open-air museum Etara and you will be able to pick the miraculous herbs yourselves!

There are many wonderful rituals but the most enigmatic is the Nestinarstvo. Men and women, young and old dancing on glowing hot embers in the summer nights. Included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists it is an experience you won’t forget!

Bulgarian has a large variety of observances and we want to show them all to you! Join us on one of our tours!

Cultural symbols of Bulgaria

A few years ago after a nationwide vote, The Madara Rider was elected as Bulgaria’s global symbol. The majestic 23-meter high horseman carved into a 100-meter high vertical cliff deserves it but there are plenty more:

  •         The Bulgarian National Garb – different for each of the country’s regions;
  •         The Bulgarian Rose;
  •         Bulgaria’s flag of white, green and blue;
  •         Our national anthems;
  •         And last but not least our nation’s motto: “Unity makes strength”

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