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Adventure Tours

Looking for thrill and excitement? Longing to get your adrenaline up while exploring new, outstanding destinations? Look no further, Bulgaria is the place for you! Pack your bags and sign up for one of our adventure tours especially crafted for the thrill-seekers!

Why choose Bulgaria?

An ancient country on a crossroad between the East and the West, Bulgaria will undoubtedly enchant you with its picturesque nature and rich culture!

You can enjoy hiking in majestic mountains or scuba diving at secluded, virgin beaches. You can ride through dense forests on a horse’s back exploring remote eco paths, or bike along the beautiful coastline. The diversity of our country will make each step of your journey memorable and exciting. Discover this remarkable destination on one of our adventure tours and we guarantee this won’t be your last visit!

The most popular adventure sights in Bulgaria

While taking one of our adventure tours, besides fulfilling your need for adrenaline you will also get the chance to visit many interesting cities, towns, and nature sights.

Get to know Sofia, a city once favored by the Roman emperor Constantine the Great. Bulgaria’s capital has much to offer to the numerous tourists coming from all over the world. See Plovdiv, one of the oldest settlements in Europe still existing today. Feel the rose aroma in the Valley of the Thracian Kings near Karlovo and Kazanlak. Explore the coastline with Varna – Bulgaria’s sea capital, and Nessebar – included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list.

Lace up your trekking shoes and head into the wilderness on an adventure tour at one of Bulgaria’s vast mountain ranges. Conquer Rila, the highest mountain in Bulgaria and on the Balkan Peninsula where the beauty of the world-famous Seven Rila lakes captures the imagination. Walk in the footsteps of Orpheus in the Rhodope Mountains or hike the ridges of the Balkan Mountains. Taking those paths will be both a physical challenge and a spiritual journey as well.

For the fans of speleology – plenty of spelunking options awaits you in our adventure tours. Descend into the Devil’s Throat cave, depicted in Greek Mythology as the Entrance to the Hades underworld guarded by the three-headed Cerberus. The Magura – where cave paintings that were made 10 000 years ago can be seen. Prohodna, known as “The Eyes of God” – where the sky stares at you from two eye-shaped ceiling holes. You can even do bungee jumping from one of its 45 meter high entrances!

For the Indiana Jones type travellers, Bulgaria comes up at third place (just after Italy and Greece) in the number of significant archaeological sights. See masterfully crafted Thracian golden treasures dating back from more than 3 centuries B.C. Step at Roman stadiums where chariot races and gladiator fights had been held. Enter the strong, stable fortresses of the rulers from the First and Second Bulgarian kingdoms. Strongholds that had resisted the Byzantines and Ottomans in many fierce battles.

As you can discover, Bulgaria offers you a large variety of adventures. Do not hesitate and choose it for your next adventure tour!

Enjoy the Bulgarian top adventure activities and attractions

By taking on one of our adventure tours you will get the chance to:

  • Walk the eco-trail of Krushuna village;
  • Stroll through the Canyon of Waterfalls near Smolyan city;
  • Take an exciting off-road jeep ride near Trigrad village;
  • Hike in the magnificent Pirin Mountains near one of the most popular ski resorts in Bulgaria;
  • Take a cable car ride to the Vitosha Mountain and hike the Stone Rivers natural phenomena;
  • Have a go-kart race or a paintball tournament in Sofia;
  • Visit an adventure water slide park in the capital of Bulgaria;
  • Do some whitewater rafting, kayaking, or take a bike tour at the picturesque Kresna gorge (an integral part of each adventure tour);
  • Climb Snezhanka peak near Pamporovo resort and enjoy the beautiful Smolyan lakes;
  • Have a memorable 6-day bike ride along the Northern coastline of Bulgaria;
  • Trek the world-famous Seven Rila Lakes Circuit;
  • Examine the Devil’s Throat cave;
  • Climb the “Via Ferrata” in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains;
  • Enjoy horse riding through the forest paths near Trigrad;
  • Yacht sailing near Balchik;
  • Snorkeling near Bird Bay, famous for its unique nature;
  • Water skiing or diving to a sunken ship near Varna.

Our adventure tours will please your excitement needs!

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