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Saint Vlas, Sveti Vlas

Saint Vlas is a small but captivating coastal town situated just 5 kilometres north of Sunny Beach. Because of the intense touristic interest in the past few years, it turned into a magnificent resort. The natural mixture at this beautiful seaside at the foot of the Balkan mountain range draws people from all around the world. It is now a well-developed modern destination with brand new hotels and tourist infrastructure.

A complete combination for relax

The resort is a preferred destination for travellers longing to enjoy spectacular nature with mountain views while having fun on the seaside at the same time. The whole combination of a mountain, a forest, and a sea cape southern exposure results in the perfect conditions to strengthen your health and relax.

Beaches and sandy coast

There are three beaches with a total length of 1,5 kilometres. The central one is the longest, south of it is a small sandy coast once used for camping, and the third one is at the port. Marina yacht port has everything that a yacht lover may need. You can hire and even buy yachts at this place!

About Saint Vlas

The resort is situated at the foot of the Balkans, on the southern mountain slopes and the northern part of Burgas Bay. The first traces of human activity are from a Thracian settlement dating back to the II century AD. The name Saint Vlas was given in the XIV century in honour of the Christian saint of the same name. There was also a monastery dedicated to him, but it was burnt down repeatedly between XIV and XVIII centuries by numerous pirate raids.

At the beginning of the XX century, the population of the town was predominantly Greek. But after the exchange of population between Bulgaria and Greece in the ’20s, most of the locals of Greek origin emigrated to the village of Strymi. Less than 10 Greek families remained here afterward. Saint Vlas became populated with Bulgarians, mainly from Greek Macedonia.

In its recent history, the settlement became a famous climatic sea retreat. The small town has another particularity – it is the only place where the coastline faces directly south on the Bulgarian coast.


Even though Saint Vlas is not particularly a destination for cultural and historical sightseeing, there are still a few exciting sights to see. Two monasteries dating back to the middle ages are located in the heart of the town. St. Blaise, thriving in the XIV century, was then destroyed by pirate raids. Now at the same place, a new monumental monastery is built. St. Andrew, from which only one of the outer stone walls and the spring with healing water remains.

Besides those, not far away is the UNESCO-listed old town of Nessebar. There, you can visit many fascinating sights like St. Stephen’s church, St. Spas church, the ethnographic museum, and the archaeological museum.

Activity ideas and attractions

There is an abundance of activities and attractions that Saint Vlas offers to its guests. Of course, the most standard will be to enjoy the sun and the breeze is just lying on the fine sand. If that is the case, then the famous “Robinzon” beach awaits you. If you prefer some shopping, the Royal Mall of Sunny Beach is the place. It is a shopping centre designed to suit the needs of foreign tourists. Fashion stores representing elite international brands, children’s clubs, and even a SPA centre!

If you like a bit more excitement, near Saint Vlas, there are three adventure Aqua parks, a go-kart track, a rally track, and many other fascinating activities!

Parties and nightlife

This part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast is famous for its thrilling nightlife. And although Saint Vlas is a bit quieter than its neighbour Sunny Beach, it still has quite the variety for you to choose from:

  • No Name Bar – it offers many interesting cocktails, delicious food, and an entertaining atmosphere;
  • Noti Piano Bar – looking for a night full of excitement and great music? Look no further;
  • Cocktail Bar Enigma – tasty drinks and even more delicious desserts. What more can you wish for?
  • Planet Yacht – a luxury club situated on the beautiful seaside. It is the perfect place to dance the night away;
  • Fly Arena Club – modern atmosphere perfect for the greatest parties hosted by the best DJs;
  • Aloha and Soul Beach Bars – to enjoy the night cooled by the summer breeze on the coast.

Besides the opportunities in Saint Vlas, there are plenty of events in the summer calendar of the nearby Cacao Beach. Concerts, parties, and raves are all waiting for you to join in the party.

What else do you need to know about Saint Vlas?

This tourist town is changing rapidly so basically even if you visit it every year you will always find something new that might surprise you. We at Boiana-MG value our clients’ trust most, so when you choose the perfect destination for your summer holiday, we will do our best to give you every detail that might be relevant to your stay. If you need any additional information regarding Saint Vlas or any other resort, our highly experienced professionals are always there for you!

If the above has convinced you that Saint Vlas is the place for you, do not hesitate to contact us with your request!