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The town of Sandanski is one of the most beautiful towns of Bulgaria; it is located in the south-west of Bulgaria at the foothill of Pirin mountains covered with forests, at the two banks of the Sandanska Bistritsa River flowing down from the mountain.

Known as the birthplace of the leader of the Roman slave uprising in 73-71BC – Spartacus, who led an army of escaped Roman slaves that defeated several Roman legions and came close to sacking Rome itself.

Sandanski boasts the highest number of sunshine hours in all of Bulgaria – its air is thought to be probably the cleanest air in Europe and it is also suitable for treating respiratory diseases. The city is also famous for its over 80 mineral water springs.
The mineral waters are perfect for outdoor swimming all year round and have a strong healing effect on a number of diseases. The area is known for its low humidity and high average temperature. Area characteristics:

  • hot mineral springs (42-81˚С)
  • average humidity – 66%
  • average altitude 240 – 290 meters
  • fresh air
  • spacious green park areas
  • average temperature – 14,1˚С
  • average sun shine duration – 2450 hours

Local mineral water is clear, transparent, with pleasant taste; it is used for treatment of disorders of gastrointestinal tract and kidneys. Mineral waters of Sandanski belong to acroterms (42-81°С). The waters are of bicarbonate and sulphate sodium type, with neutral to slightly alkaline reaction, rich in fluor and metasilicic acid – this defines their therapeutic value.

Macedonia Avenue is the main street through Sandanski, from the town square to the city park. It is the main shopping street and you find most of the towns’ art galleries here.
The town park stretches up along the Bistritsa River from the upper end of the Macedonia Avenue, with the Rila mountains towering majestically in the background.