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The town of Sandanski is one of the unique gems in southwestern Bulgaria. Its location in the foothills of Pirin national park is of great significance in making this place a unique SPA resort. We will tell you a little more about one of the warmest places in Bulgaria.

About Sandanski

One of the benefits of the development of Sandanski is the proximity to a highway, finished in recent years. It connects the capital city Sofia with Greece. The easy connection helps both Bulgarian and international travellers to choose this destination more and more.

A nice weather and mineral springs

It is known as “the warmest town in Bulgaria” because the Mediterranean greatly influences its climate. Even the winter months are mild and warm compared to the rest of the country. Those factors help significantly in the treatment of lung diseases, and along with more than 80 mineral springs, the town attracts numerous people both for healing reasons and relaxation.

Millennial history and heritage

But we mustn’t forget to mention the incredible history that has swirled over these lands. The advantages of the area have been one of the reasons various civilisations decided to settle in Sandanski. And that is why from ancient times through the Roman period until today, the area is rich in sights, left from the previous civilisations.


Even when you are on vacation, there is always time for some sightseeing, to feel the culture of the place you are visiting. Sandanski has lots to offer for its visitors, regardless of the number of days you plan to stay. But of course, there is this saying:” Always leave something for the next time!”. Here are some of the most significant museums and sights in the area that will spruce up your stay:

  • Archaeological museum – it is one of the five museums in Bulgaria specializing in antique archaeology. It covers over the ruins of Bishop’s Joan Basilica and presents a great collection of Roman marble statues, as well as early Christian mosaics;
  • Early Christian complex – located next to the museum, this complex is a must-see place when you are in Sandanski. Here you will find the remains of the basilica, ancient streets and representative buildings, presented as they were found;
  • Bishop’s basilica – a unique monument with national significance. It has beautiful floor mosaics and architecture is speaking for the former splendour of the church;
  • Town’s Park St. Vrach – a place for relaxation around the green Mediterranean flora, great pine trees. Along an artificial lake, Bistritsa River and its sand alleys also add to the romantic setting of the park;
  • Melnik – the nearby town of Melnik is only minutes away by car. It is the smallest town in Bulgaria, famous for its great history, wine and sand pyramids. It is a town museum with cultural and historical significance. You can spend an entire day there, walking around the small streets, feeling the charm of the town.

Activities and fun

Plenty of interesting ideas for entertainment are in place for the visitors. In Sandanski several national and international festivals are held that attract people from all around. Events like:

  • Festival of the “Pirin folk” folklore song
  • Event in celebration of the young wine
  • Balkan movie festival for television programs towards the young people
  • Many others.

But even if you don’t visit during those festivities, you can always have fun in the many SPA and wellness facilities with hot mineral water. There are activities for both children and adults so you would not be bored. Nightlife is also well presented with restaurants, bars where good parties are held in the evenings.

Other ways of spending a good time are taking a car and driving around the mountains to hike in nature and traveling to visit the exciting places in the vicinity, such as Melnik, Rojen monastery, Rupite with the former volcano, the temple and house of the prophetess Vanga.

What else do you need to know about Sandanski?

Sandanski is an often-chosen place for a family vacation or relaxation with friends. With many unique hotels and places for accommodation, there is an option for every taste and budget. So, next time, when you are searching for a travel destination, don’t hesitate to write to us. The Boiana-MG team is here to help you with everything you need to know about Sandanski. For more than 25 years on the market, we have developed beautiful partnerships and with many tourists from all around the world.