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Hissar is situated 140 km away from Sofia, at an altitude of 360 m above the sea level, not far from the famous Valley of Roses, amidst a real abundance of curative mineral waters – 22 springs have been found in this area!

The resort has an old history – even the ancient Romans knew well the curative properties of the water and today the town has more than 4 km of Roman walls and architecture remains. During the age of the Roman Empire, the town, called Augusta, was a wealthy healing centre with Emperor’s palaces, wide stone streets, marble baths, statues of Roman Gods and exuberant vegetation.

The mineral water is light, clear, colourless, and tasty. It is slightly mineralized, hypo- and hyper-thermal, with a predominance of hydrocarbonic, sodium, sulphate and fluorine ions, as well as substantial amounts of radioactive gas. The radioactive emanation is 10-165 Em, pH – 7.6 – 9.02 and over 20 microelements. The acid content – 200 – 270 mgl.
The mineral water in Hissar (temperature from 27°C to 52°C) has proved to be extremely effective in the treatment of diseases of the urinary system, renal and gastrointestinal tract, diseases of the pancreas, of the gall-bladder and gall tract.

The climate is moderate continental with mild and warm winter. Spring comes early, summer is temperately hot with an average month temperature of 22oC. Autumn is warm and long lasting. The average annual humidity is moderate (70 %). Sunny days – 280 per year.