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Augusta SPA Hotel, Hissar, 3

Hotel Overview


Augusta SPA hotel is located in a calm place, very close to the centre of the town.


200 double, 40 single rooms and 5 suites, comfortably furnished, all with Sat-TV, telephone, WC/shower with mineral water. The luxury rooms additionally are with A/C, refrigerator, WC/bathtub with mineral water, hairdryer.

In the hotel:

Restaurant, sunny terrace with splendid scenery of the pool and mountain; outdoor swimming pool and children pool both with mineral water, fitness, sauna, health centre, shops, beauty parlour and hairdressers. SPA center offers healing, relaxing and beauty-programs, doctor-physiotherapist, rehabilitators and nurses.

SPA facilities:

Water-drinking treatment – the mineral water influences human body as a complex. It provides the body with chemical and pharmacological substances.
Baths: pearl, whirling and galvanic bath with relaxation products – for removing tension and tiredness and building up the nervous system. All baths use the natural mineral water with a temperature of 35-40C. Their curative properties are proved by many researches. They influence a great number of cutaneous ceptos and influence reflexly a lot of diseases.
Electro treatment, light treatment and thermo treatment – galvanizasion, electrophoresis, ultrasound, diodinamic current, interference current magnet therapy, electro-stimulation, ultraviolet radiation, laser therapy, paraffin therapy – removes the pain and inflammatory processes in cases of chronic diseases of the bones, joints and mussels, female genital organs, kidney and liver.

– antistress and relaxation massage;
– underwater and stream massage;
– Japanese reflex manual massage /Shiatsu/;
– Acupressure.

Remedial gymnastic – individually or in groups, fitness. Generally strengthening gymnastics and fitness without extreme lading. You will be taught how to breathe properly and the most suitable exercise complex will be chosen for you.
Acupuncture – generally and locally affecting acupuncture. Pricking calms the pain and mobilize the body protection.
Aromatherapy – the best way for reducing tension and stress is by aroma oils into the adding mineral baths or using them for face and body care.
Inhalations with mineral water and medicine – using the German ultrasound affects very well in conditions after pneumonia, bronchitis and obstructive pulmonary diseases.
Cellulites treatment – massage, creams of “Talion”, France, baths, body packing.
Body peeling – removes the old horned cells.
Sauna – strengthens the body and circulation, desintoxicants and reduces the weight, increases the working capacity and body protection.
Functional tests – cardiograms, blood and urine laboratory tests.


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