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Mistral-2 Complex, Saint Vlas, Sveti Vlas, 2

Hotel Overview


The complex was founded in 2000 to accommodate children, ages 8-18, for every 15 children, 1 instructor is provided free of charge.

It is located between the vacation villages Sunny Beach and Elenite, at the foot of the mountain on the beach itself. The combination of the sea and mountain air is beneficial to children and adolescents who have respiratory problems.


There are 20 three-storey villas in the “Mistral” tourist complex. The rooms on each floor are furnished with a TV, phone, fan and refrigerator. The complex is also equipped with 2 swimming pools. Other amenities include a beach accessories and souvenirs store, a private computer room, a food buffet 3 times a day. The food, served in the restaurant is nutritious, healthy and diverse, along with seasonal fruits. 24-hour security is provided.


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